Welcome to Toronto, Where is a kind of New York operated by the Swiss.




7.124 km²



Average Annual Temperature

9 °C

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Summary of Toronto

Toronto is a world-class city, on par with New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago when it comes to cultural attractions and urban sophistication. Toronto is a great destination for singles, families, and executives. It is clean, safe, and easy to navigate, with a network of beautiful pedestrian pathways and an world-class public transportation system.

The best place to start is at the top – and in Toronto, there’s no mistaking where the top is. The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing structure in North America, and a vital telecommunications hub. Ride the elevator to the tower’s summit and take in gorgeous views of the city.

Toronto is best known as a multi-cultural city with several diverse neighborhoods ...for example Little Italy, Chinatown, Greektown, Kensington Market, The Distillery District etc etc. As far as your question about associating Toronto with good food and good shopping.... Toronto does have a wide variety of restaurants and most visitors to the city are impressed by the choices. And Toronto does have good shopping too. You will be delighted with your shopping choices as well, and if you can specify what you like to shop for we can recommend more specific places to shop.

This is a tastemaker town. I feel people have always said if you can make it in New York you can make it anywhere but I truly believe that applies to Toronto as well.
Mark Wahlberg. one of the biggest movie stars in the world.
Toronto Ranked
  • Economist’s Safe
    Toronto was just ranked the 2nd safest city in the world
  • World Best Cities 2021
    The ranking is released annually, and in 2021, Toronto placed 13th
  • Competitive city.
    Toronto ranked 5th in world and 3rd in North America as the world's most competitive city.
  • Big City
    Toronto is Just Ranked The #1 biggest City In Canada & #5 In The North of America
  • Tower
    The CN Tower held the record as the tallest building, tower, freestanding structure for over three decades.
  • Hospitals
    Toronto is home to one of the top 10 hospitals in the world
  • Honest City
    Toronto ranked the 19th most honest city in the world and after Ottawa secound in Canada
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre ≈ 1,971.95 CAD
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre ≈ 1,654.02 CAD
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) in City Centre ≈ 3,337.08 CAD
  • Apartment (3 bedrooms) Outside of Centre ≈ 2,571.96
  • Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment in City Centre ≈ 11,311.71 CAD
  • Price per Square Meter to Buy Apartment Outside of Centre ≈ 9,092.15 CAD
  • internet ≈ 74.37 CAD
  • Electricity used for lighting ≈ 24.32 CAD
  • Milk (regular), (1 liter) ≈ 2.96 CAD
  • Rice (white), (1kg) ≈ 3.42 CAD
  • Eggs (regular) (12) ≈ 3.41 CAD
  • Beef Round (1kg) (or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat) ≈ 15.44 CAD
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 liter bottle) ≈ 3.23 CAD
  • Cigarettes 20 Pack (Marlboro) ≈ 15.00 CAD
  • One-way Ticket (Local Transport) ≈ 3.25 CAD
  • Monthly Pass (Regular Price) ≈ 156.00 CAD
  • Taxi 1km (Normal Tariff) ≈ 2.00 CAD
  • Gasoline (1 liter) ≈ 1.21 CAD
  • Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult ≈ 56.93 CAD
  • Tennis Court Rent (1 Hour on Weekend) ≈ 22.83 CAD
  • Cinema, International Release, 1 Seat ≈ 15.00 CAD
  • University of Toronto ≈ $45,690
  • George Brown College ≈ $15,190 - $27,930
  • York University ≈ $9,567 - $12,626
  • Ryerson University ≈ $29,945 - $38,457
  • Seneca College ≈ 11,970
  • Humber College ≈ 14,500
  • OCAD University ≈ $15,920
Cost of Living Per Month ( 2 persons)
  • Housing
    Rent Apartment and Hydro : $1,971.95
  • Internet
    Internet : $74.37
  • Phone
    Phone with interet : $46.00
  • Transportation
    Transportation : $156.00
  • Groceries
    Groceries and household items : $340.25
  • Entertainment
    Entertainment and dining out : $150.00
  • Health
    Health and fitness : $56.93
  • Extras
    haircuts, clothes,broken phone screen and so on. : $125.00
  • Total

CN Tower

Defining the Toronto skyline at 553.33m (1,815ft5in), the CN Tower is Canada’s most recognizable and celebrated icon. The CN Tower is an internationally renowned architectural triumph, an engineering Wonder of the Modern World, world-class entertainment and dining destination and a must see for anyone visiting Toronto. Each year, over 1.5 million people visit Canada’s National Tower to take in the breathtaking views and enjoy all the CN Tower has to offer.
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Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is a museum of art, world culture and natural history in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is one of the largest museums in North America and the largest in Canada. It attracts more than one million visitors every year, making the ROM the most-visited museum in Canada.
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Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley's Aquarium of Canada is a public aquarium in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The aquarium is one of three aquariums owned-and-operated by Ripley Entertainment. It is located in downtown Toronto, just southeast of the CN Tower.
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Distillery Historic District

The pedestrian-only Distillery District, set in quaint 19th century buildings that once housed a large whiskey distillery, draws crowds to its cobblestone streets lined with hip indie restaurants, bars and boutiques. Art lovers come for the galleries, outdoor sculptures and dance, music and stage performances at the area's several theatres. In December, the annual Toronto Christmas Market takes over the streets.
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Casa Loma

Believe it or not, the only full-sized castle in North America is actually located in Toronto. Casa Loma literally has everything you could want from a castle. There are turrets offering beautiful views of the city. There’s a large library and nearly 100 rooms to explore. There are secret passageways to discover, including a 245-metre tunnel to the stables and carriage house, the latter of which features an exhibit of vintage cars from the early 1900’s. Plus it has five acres of gardens full of beautiful flowers, sculptures and fountains. Plug in your headphones, listen to the digital audio guide, and roam around a castle in the city.
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1. It has some of the best educational centres in the World

Whether your child is in elementary school or college, Toronto offers top educational facilities so that your kids can get a high-level learning experience. The city’s public schools are great, and there are a number of highly regarded private schools as well. The University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson University and Humber College, which are some of the best colleges in North America, have a wide range of courses and subject areas so that every youngster can study to their heart’s content.

3. It’s famous for its multiculturalism

Toronto is famous for being culturally diverse, since the local population is made up of more than 200 different ethnic groups, which speak more than 140 dialects and languages. According to a study conducted in 2006, 47% of the city’s population had a different mother tongue than English or French. The most popular languages spoken are Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, Filipino and Portuguese.

5. It’s easy to get around

Although a relatively large city, Toronto is very easy to navigate, either on foot or by public transport. The city is built on a plain grid and block system, so you’ll probably never get lost when you’re walking around. The city’s subway network is one of the simplest in the world, with only two primary lines. The Toronto Transit Commission rates aren’t at all expensive – a ride will cost you $3, and you can even buy a day pass for $10.75 and get on and off as many times as you wish.

7. Business is flourishing

Toronto is one of the top financial centres in the world, and is also home to 8 out of the 10 fastest-growing IT companies in the country. The city ranks high in terms of employment of young people. The Youthful City Index rated the city 3rd in the world in terms of its economic status in 2014. The city is also a leader in innovation sectors such as energy efficiency and electric vehicles, and has the 2nd largest number of biotechnological companies in the world.

9. Festivals are held year-round

As one of the leading cultural centres of North America, Toronto is home to many world-class events and festivals, which add color and even more diversity to local life. The Toronto Jazz Festival is one of the largest jazz events on the continent, held every year for ten days in late June through early July. The famous Toronto International Film Festival is also held yearly in the month of September, and today has become one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world. There are also a number of free festivals and events in which one can participate, such as the Busker Fest, the Caribana (the largest street festival in North America), the Nuit Blanche, the Pride Festival and the Taste of Danforth Festival.

2. It’s safe

Toronto has a long reputation of being one of the safest metropolitan cities in North America. According to a 2012 study, the homicide rate in the city was 2 per 100,000 people, which is very small compared to Chicago (18.5 per 100,000 people) or Boston (9 per 100,000 people). The city’s robbery rate is also low (207.1 robberies per 100,000 people) in comparison with Chicago (588.6 robberies), New York City (265.9 robberies) .

4. The food is similarly diverse

Because so many different cultures live together in just one city, the food scene is unbelievably colourful, whether you’re in the mood for Chinese dumplings, Italian pasta, Vietnamese noodle soup, some Greek salad, or an Ethiopian injera, you will definitely find the restaurant serving the dish of your choice right around the corner. If you’re looking for something Canadian, poutine, butter tarts and samon jerky are national favorites.

6. It’s close to nature

Whenever the city’s many skyscrapers and tall, glass-façade constructions start to get you down, you can escape the concrete jungle by heading to one of the many green parks the city has to offer, such as Ashbridge’s Bay Park, Bluffer’s Park, High Park, Rouge Park, or Riverdale Park. You can also hop on the closest ferry and get to the calm Toronto Islands in half an hour, to enjoy a lovely day of paddling on the lake or even swimming at Manitou Beach or Centre Island Beach.

8. It has a very active and colourful nightlife

Whether you’re into partying ‘till the break of dawn, or you just want to grab a beer and shoot some pool with your buddies, Toronto has something for everyone. There’s a wide variety of venues on offer, including sports bars, pool bars, rooftop bars, arcade bars, do-it-yourself cocktail bars, nightclubs, pubs and cafes.

10. It’s one of the best Canadian cities for shopping

No matter what you’re looking to buy, you can most certainly come across it in Toronto. It has two great malls: Yorkdale Mall and Eaton Centre – the latter has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction. Queen Street is the place to go when searching for unique boutiques, whilst Bloor Street is famous for its numerous high-end shops. If you’re looking for organic, freshly grown produce be sure to check out Kensington Market and St. Lawrence Market – the latter was declared the best food market in the world by National Geographic.

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